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Sesh Includes:


  • 1 Account
  • Review page and Bio
  • Review current posts and overall setup
  • Suggestions for consistent theme and content
  • Tips on how to grow your page
  • Suggestions on who to follow
  • Connection suggestions
  • Page with action steps to follow
  • Includes Content Calendar & Facebook Highlight Covers

















 Sesh Includes:



  • 1 Account
  • Page setup recommendations
  • User name and bio creation review
  • Theme and strategy review
  • Images and content suggestions
  • Engagement practices
  • Geo tagging suggestions
  • Hashtag Tips
  • Includes Instagram Highlight Covers and Content Calendar Template





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Casting a wide net and marketing to everyone, in hopes that someone resonates with your marketing message and contacts you for work, is difficult, exhausting and ineffective. It inevitably means you will be facing rough waters ahead – Go Daddy


I have put together a list of buyer and seller niches that real estate that agents can work in and brand themselves as experts in. Becoming a specialist and the go to agent makes you stand out from the crowd!


50 Riches in Real Estate Niches 
 Ideas & Markets 


If you want to “stand out” in the crowd keep reading!


Did you know: The National Association of Realtors says that 80% of home buyers say they want to work with someone who specializes and is focused on a certain type of property. The same concept works with home sellers who want to know their agent is a specialist and truly understands their needs and situation when selling their home.


Stop competing with other agents in your community and carve out a niche or niches that make you the “go to” agent in some fantastic niches. How about the double upside…you source your own buyers from your niche listings!


For example do you realize there are over 74 million baby boomers in the United States and many of them will be making a move to a smaller home, a condo, to live closer to family or move into independent or assisted living?  If even 1% of these “boomers” want to make a move  for a variety of reasons then isn’t this a great niche to consider listing in?  Now this is simply one listing niche example and I have many others to share with you including home buyer niches!




  • Real estate niches are great opportunities for branding and marketing for an agent and can provide you with terrific ideas for content so you can be a “resource” to buyer’s and sellers.


  • The goal is to get clients and professionals coming to you consistently vs you marketing to everyone and their mother because you are the expert in a specific real estate niche.


  • There are multiple ways to research finding a great real estate niche and I have a document for you that lists 50 ideas and markets to research!



Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level and truly live the “list to last” lifestyle you know you deserve?  Being a burnt out real estate agent isn’t good for any client and it isn’t good for you either.


If that last buyer deal had you ready to quit the business or and you want to pivot and transition into listings then talk to me…I have been there and done that! This is an introduction and instruction on how to become the “go to” listing real estate agent in your area, the expert, the authority when a seller needs a real estate professional that specializes in listing niches.


Riches in Real Estate Niches* 



Jump Start Your Listing Funnels Today!



Course includes:

2 Hour Webinar



  • 3 Listing Niche Examples  (Probate, Seniors and Divorce)
  • Generating Buyer Leads from Your Niches
  • Marketing and Branding Within Your Niche
  • Becoming The Expert
  • Networking With Professionals
  • Content Calendar Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Spreadsheet Example
  • Letters to Use
  • Hashtag Hacks
  • Instagram Workbook
  • Add On Side Hustle Services Sesh
  • Q & A




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Grab My Instagram Strategy Guide for Real Estate Agents! 


Social media isn’t just for kids! It is an amazing marketing tool for your real estate business!
I am a dynamic, tell it like it is “mom of two millennials” who embraces, uses and
leverages social media and video to grow my businesses!
Don’t be intimidate by what you don’t know!
The secret is in the saunce…and I have the recipe.



Turning Facebook “Friends” Into Referrals


Instagram Hacks & Hashtags – Creating Your Brand Buzz With Stories, Posts and Strategies


Boost Your Real Estate Brand with Videos


Linkedin for Lead Gen


#BoomerHack – Social Media for All Ages & Businesses




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