October 2018 Events

SIP SOCIAL SELL – Social Media  Sesh For Realtors – RSVP Here

When: October 29th, 2019

Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am

Where: Clive Daniel Home Boca Raton

Building Your Personal Social Media & Video Blueprint for 2019 

Registration has opened please click here to join us.

You must RSVP to come so please click on the link. Seating is limited.

*** Event is FREE***

The deal is you must bring at least one canned good or box of food to kick off my #SoooBoca Holiday Food Drive or do a donation the option is in the ticket section to benefit Boca Helping Hands. 

PS…No Shows will be flogged with a wet cornflake! 




Riches in Real Estate Niches Workshop – Ft. Lauderdale October 10, 2018 – RSVP Here! 

( If you would like me to come to your office or to sponsor an event please connect with me here to discuss)

Riches in Real Estate Niches Workshop – Ft. Lauderdale October 10, 2018 – RSVP Here! 


Real estate agents are you ready to make a shift in your real estate business TODAY by becoming a listing agent? Michele Bellisari did at the age of 50 and reinvented her business and you can too! Jump start your 2019 listing business NOW with her proven tips and techniques at our FREE “Riches in Listing Niches” workshop! Are you burnt out, tired of bad buyer leads, thinking you might leave the real estate business?



STOP … you CAN make a shift NOW just like she did by adding untapped and unique listing niches to your business plan. WHY? You will have less competition, YOU become the go to expert in at least one if not multiple niches, you become a trusted resource, you get your life back and have control over your time! BONUS: You will attract your own buyers to your listings and build your own buyer list vs having to purchase buyer leads!


Riches in Real Estate Niches Workshop – Ft. Lauderdale October 10, 2018 – RSVP Here! 


If this sounds exactly what you need like a Fall pumpkin spice latte then join us on October 10th! Think about this…if you could add at least 1 new listing a month to your business wouldn’t that be a game changer for you? P.S. When you attend you will get her FREE 25 Listing Niches cheat sheet + sub niches tip sheet to grow your biz and her exclusive First Time Home Buyer’s The Boom You Can Bank On Tip Sheet!  For immediate FREEBIES today click here .


Presentations are geared to and modified for each group. It is important to me to share “real life” experiences that real estate agents can relate to. My workshops are typically 1 – 2 hours depending on the topics. Keynotes are 30 – 45 minutes in length depending on the event.




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