What The Heck Is an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing?





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As Realtors and entrepreneurs we are typically up early getting coffee or tea in the morning. Anyone a member of the 5 am Club?  Why not listen to my Alexa flash briefing along with others I recommend below while you sip on your beverage and nosh on your bagel!






Voice Marketing Is Here To Stay! 



Voice is happening in our industry and you are probably already listening to podcasts and in some cases YouTube videos. Think super short, super micro and packed with nuggets of info you can use in your real estate biz! You can set a flash briefing up for almost anything real estate wise. I listen to marketing flashes, mortgage, social media, inspirational and of course Gary V! 


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So what exactly are Alexa Flash Briefings? They are super short micro podcasts that can be up to 10 minutes in length with most being 2-3 minutes.  Many will make you laugh, inspire you, educate you and in my case hopefully get your marketing juices flowing! I jump on a couple of times a week with my coffee in hand to chat about social media and branding yourself at any age to build your real estate business on a shoestring budget. My idea of coffee talk!





Like many of you I am life long learner with a glass is half full attitude, creative mindset and zest for life who loves to listen to audio books, podcasts and of course flash briefings.



Did you know you can set up a variety of  “skills” to listen to on Alexa from entertainment, business, marketing, weather, inspiration, prayer, local information and more. New “skills” are added all the time and some very cool ones I might add.


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If you enjoy these short and sweet nuggets of information then buzz by my podcast too  for in depth interviews with influencers in and out of real estate that will inspire you! 


Not sure what skills to follow once on the Alexa app? Click on the drop down box and go to Skills and Games…you will see discover, categories and your skills or you can search topics and people to see who has a “skill” set up. For your convenience I have included of few of my faves below. You simply just have to click on who or what you like and “enable”. It takes about an hour for one to become active, in my experience. You can also say “skip” when your flash briefings are playing if the content for that day is not relevant for you. At the end of this post I have put a list of over 55+ Skills you can enable to help you with everyday life! 



Now here is the best part! You can set up your own “skill” just like I did. It is not too difficult but does take a little work and then it must be approved by Amazon. You can become the micro local marketer of your community! 




Alexa Flash Briefing Skills I Listen To



Jason Frazier – The Agent Marketer

Chelsea Peitz – The Voice of Social Sales

Dustin Brohm – The Massive Agent Minute 

Social Sandie – Daily Shot of Social Media for Realtors 

Gary Vee – Gary Vee 365 

Amy Summers The Pitch

Jen Lehner The Front Row Entrepreneur



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Mega List of How You Can Use Your Alexa Echo Dot!





Sunrise and sunset times
School Times




Get sports updates
Check the weather
Time-Out Timer
Shopping List
To-Do List
News Briefs




Spelling, trivia, math, and to tell jokes
“Drop in” to the kids rooms (after they turn in their phones for the night)great way to stay in touch with those in your home, using your Alexa as an intercom from room to room and even house to house.
Sound machine for the baby
Play games


Cool Ideas


Alarm Clock
Phone Calls to family members
Soothing music
Read Kindle books
Spotify or Amazon Music
Lost Phone: Alexa call my phone option




Cooking measurements and conversions




Grocery Lists — The whole family can add to the list
Search for information without hopping on Google
Shop Amazon for me
Get Recipes
Make phone calls for you from your contact list




You do have to purchase some items that are compatible so here is a list and a link to the storefront so you can read product reviews.


It is pretty cool to say the least all of the different things you can do to make your home “smarter”.


Control the Thermostat
Operate robot vacuum
Smart lock doors
Control the lights
Room intercoms
Smart light bulbs
TV Remote Control
Outdoor Plug
Ceiling Fan
First Alert One Link
Smart Refrigerators


Seniors Living Alone


You can send messages or make calls between Echo dots
Add the Alexa Skill “Ask My Buddy” (adult children can set up with a list of names to alert if you need assistance, not a replacement for 911)
Medication reminders




Real Estate 

Mortgage news
Local Real Estate News
Tips and Resources for Home Buyers and Sellers






Math Problems




Damn Girl

Boca Raton Facts

Zen Sounds: Healing Sounds


Amazon Restaurants


Jurassic Bark

Daily Bible Verse

Fresh Quotes


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