Meet Michele


Don’t we all have a story? I had been a first time home buyer specialist (niche) and I remember the final straw with real estate in 2011 after going through the housing crash, financial market crash and a personal crisis…you know yours I am sure…I was standing in department store, out of town and a buyer I had worked with for 8 weeks called to tell me they were going to purchase a new construction home with a developer…without me. I was crushed.


As a mom and wife the panic I felt was horrendous….I felt like a failure….what to do, what to do…It was time to make a change and fix “my” real estate problems. I started thinking…my background in consumer health and pharma was in niches, I had been working a buyer niche but realistically it was time to SHIFT into the listing side of life and in particular listing niches. Sooo….I did. I got with a coach who was a friend, had a heart to heart with myself and jumped into the listing life and have never looked back.


I mean who needs to compete with every other agent when you can become the go to expert in an untapped niche!


As a self coined “Niche Witch” I can promise you that it is a very satisfying and can be very profitable to focus on smaller markets vs throwing a cast net over everything. Now I am not saying to turn down businesses not in a niche, but to add niches to your existing business.


If you are feeling burnt out and tired, bored with your business, not feeling it with the cold calling/door knocking advice then check out what I am doing.  With the right brand “buzz” and affordable professionals in your “hive” along with proper guidance, mentoring, positive reinforcement and enthusiasm you can get that career back that you love!


If you are ready to turn your mindset and your business model around in 14 days and jump start your real estate business just subscribe here and you will be on the wait list.


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Tell me why I should work with you?


I offer a solid system that you can actually do without a big team. I teach exactly what I know and what I did to reinvent my business in 2012. My 30 day “Listing With a Twist: Find Your Real Estate Niche” real estate listing system will have you buzzing with excitement and energy and I believe not only loving your real estate career again and prospering from it!


What makes you different?


I learned these particular niches (and others) from the ground up. I had a 15-year career working with market niches and segments in pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. I walk the walk and talk the talk…not the other way around. I survived and have thrived since the housing crash.  I’ve started over and some of you are ready to do the same. Let’s do it!



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