Life Can Turn Upside Down In a Flash

Let’s just say that July 4th Weekend 2010 was a game changer for our family when my husband had an accident. Yup, it happened and it was not good. Family health issue, housing market crash and banking crisis oh my! I am not one to put negative stuff out on social media as my personal opinion is everyone has their problems and I don’t need to add my Debbie Downer posts out there to the Facebook highway.

For quite some time it was all we lived and breathed…talk about exhausting. I put my real estate business aside as the market sucked anyway unless you were doing short sales and foreclosures (and I missed that boat)to take care of personal business…which took almost 2 years to work through.

Folks, it was very challenging for me and our family emotionally and financially…flash forward to 2016 and my guy IS healthy and doing great…with a lot of hard work, good friends and guidance from smarter people than myself we now call ourselves the “come back kids” lol. 

So here is my hit list of what I have learned from the housing crash, that really came about in 2013:

  1. Faith and hope were key to moving forward through our bump in the road.
  2. FEAR sucks the life out of you…so just stick it in a box!
  3. Listening…and I mean listening to others who really had my best interest at heart.
  4. Weeding out the people that were just distractions…period.
  5. Forgiveness was for me and nobody else.
  6. Learn to heed the signs and PIVOT quickly when things are going sideways.
  7. That I really loved my career choice and just needed to tweak it so it worked for my work life plan…vs just all work and thus burn out. So I began focusing more on the listing side of my business to “control” my time more effectively (so I could spend it with my family) so I had a good mix of listings and buyers vs just buyers. And…taking a leap of faith and moving to Re/Max Services in 2013 which was pivotal…you know that feeling you get when you are grounded? That was how I felt when I moved there and re – started my real estate business.
  8. That I could be 50 and really business plan for the life I truly wanted vs settling for what I thought I was only capable of doing.
  9. That my inherent and authentic self loves to help people when they are in a shitty, yup said the word, situation and “want” help and I have the type of brain that is really good at working through the details that they can’t due to grief, depression, frustration, health issues, divorce, death etc when they are having to sell their most important financial asset…their home.
  10. That niches in business rock and to not be afraid to put the niches that I have successfully grown out there big time!
  11. That no matter how much success I have, without true joy in my life it is all just like a black and white photo.
  12. That I am who I am…a straight shooter… how you perceive what I say is your problem… I take care of my clients like family…I love my friends like family and hold them closer than ever before… I believe that everyone deserves a second chance… that family comes first…and I will always have multiple dogs in my house:)

If you don’t like what is happening in your life, you are the only one who can change it…period. Having kick ass people in your life who tell you, Ok, enough of the pity party, let’s move on, you can do better than this is like having angels from above just pick you up and dust you off.

I was lucky, but I also listened, and that was probably the most important time in my life that I shut the hell up and just did what people smarter than me told me what to do. Here is to a New Year and to a Happy February 2016!!


Michele Beehousing crash