Don’t Worry About The Competition! Focus on a Niche!

With 15,000 Realtors in Palm Beach County alone it is a daunting task to set yourself apart from other real estate professionals in today’s market…or is it? Let’s talk about finding your niche!

I am a firm believer that we and I especially mean women business owners and entrepreneurs should understand the art of the niche. Look at what nobody else is doing and git on it girl! Run like the wind or Forrest Gump if that is your vibe:) but definitely run with those great ideas! Just make sure have some trusted folks to keep you accountable so you don’t, oh wow bright and shiny, go down the rabbit hole of darkness.  As a creative person, I think it is great to have an accountability partner or a coach to keep you on firm soil yet allowing you to fly high at the same time.


As a true high “I” on the DISC profile, I have had to learn some techniques to stay focused on my business so it continues to thrive and grow. I’m the girl that has 100 tabs open on my computer…but now I do shut them down so as not to clutter my thinking. The way I run my business today is vastly different then of yesteryear. I need balance but I also like having money, green, Benjamins, bank, bills, big ones, bucks, dough or whatever you call it!

“BTMC” or known as Before the Market Crash I was running around every weekend and at nights with buyers and not as focused on listing property. I lost many a buyer to an FSBO or Developer…and it was exhausting. “ATMC” or known as After the Market Crash I made some significant and thoughtful changes in how I visualized and saw my future work-life balance. I am grateful to have gone through the “BTMC” time because it gave me great clarity on what I loved about real estate, what I was good at, where I needed help and how I saw the next phase of my career life.

What Is Your Plan Bee?

I tend to have luck in regards to falling into things, or life guides me (depending on how you look at it) in directions that suit my personality and things that I enjoy. Although I sometimes fight it, in the end, it totally is what the universe wants me to do. Sometimes your niche finds you by the way.

I am a fixer, a problem solver, and idea person, so working with people and families in real estate that NEED to sell property due to some sort of life-changing event like a death and dealing with a probate property situation or a senior downsizing issue due to Alzheimer’s or divorce is right up my alley.

Nothing pleases me more than helping someone turn a corner when they are dealing with unfortunate circumstances and grief which is why I believe I do have so many nice testimonials from my clients on Zillow and Facebook.

So as I live in a bit of chaos currently due to a house renovation from a water leak that happened earlier in 2016, I decided to let the creative juices flow….by taking advantage of not being distracted by things like cleaning my house or putting dishes away or throwing in a load of laundry.

The universe is definitely guiding me (there are those words again) to think creatively about my business, trying new things, where I am in life at 54 and what my expectations of myself are moving forward and to focus on what makes Michele Bee happy, healthy and wealthy from the inside out.

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Michele Bee

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