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My Definition of  50+


If you don’t know who Sally O’Malley is just google a video of this beloved Saturday Night Live character as she is my inspiration for this post!

Hi! I’m Michele Bellisari – Realtor and yes…I am 50+ years old…and I can Kick…and Stretch…and Kick some ASS…that is! I always imagined that when I hit 50 I would have some sort of revelation about life and my career…and surprisingly…I did! Life events happened as did the housing crash and I took the mess that happened and made it my message.

I became passionate again about real estate and I became uber focused on building niches in my real estate business. I asked for help, took advice and received constructive criticisms to help me level up and have a healthier outlook on life and business vs the past. I reinvented Michele Bee from the inside out!

“Already, the 50-and-over age groups carry a lot of power in the economy. They control 83 percent of the wealth and more than 50 percent of spending in the U.S. The 55-64 age group creates more companies too; one in three businesses were started by people 50-plus in the past decade.”



One of the biggest surprises for me, in real estate, was that in 2011 I let go of being almost exclusively a buyers agent and began servicing the 50+ and transitional home seller’s market on the listing side especially with estate sales, parents downsizing and divorce situations.


When the market crashed in 2009 I launched a small green cleaning company to make ends meet. It was a learning experience and I ended up hating it. Thanks to sound advice from a business coach I befriended and hired I ended up shuttering that business and turned my focus to real estate. However, the take away was I learned how to handle clean outs and junk removal. You never know how these things will “buzz” back into your life when you are reinventing yourself.


I began studying (lifelong learner here) how to work list and sell estate sales, probate and inherited properties and then seeing that the average age of my “sellers” was typically around my age give or take a few years and had parents that needed to downsize or go to assisted living. I received my SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist designation and Certified Senior Housing Professional certification).  I am the go-to Realtor for these types of sales in South Florida.


In 2012 I created my “One Call Handles It All” real estate system to help sellers with the overwhelming process of selling a home they have inherited or have the responsibility to sell that includes having to de-clutter, sell contents, donate furniture, clean out, clean, fix things, deal with pouncing neighbors and so-called friends and the list just goes on and on. Working with families and many a personal representative from out of state I can assure you I have had many a client cry on the phone in frustration and grief.  My goal is to provide my great resources to my clients to get them through the sale and closing of the property in a timely manner and to turn the corner on the experience.


So if you are at the 5th level and want to understand a little bit about my Realtor life, trends, reinvention and real estate for us 50+ folks please subscribe, take a look at my blog, follow me on YouTube for tips and trends in the South Florida housing marketing including the senior and 50+ market. Read what those who have worked with me have to say! 


And as I like to say “my 50 isn’t the same as my mom’s 50.” So remember that!


“By December 31, 2029, the last of the boomers will turn 65. This population is projected to double to 71.5 million by 2030. The real estate community recognizes this growing population and wants to address the needs of the homeowner and family when selling their home.”

The 50-Plus Population Will Surge by 2050



Article via: Realtor Magazine & DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

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