10 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

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I write this post with the greatest respect for home sellers trying to sell their home…but for the LOVE OF PETE will you please follow some simple cardinal rules of home selling. I mean come on people…there is this thing called the “internet” where you can “google” the lists and lists of things to do before you sell your home. I mean, how cool is that…lists are already done for you! 

Showing property two weeks ago was an utter joy (insert sarcasm) and I am here to share my story with you.

One of the home sellers (who by the way was an owner/broker) not only made us take our shoes off before touring the house, but had clearly been cooking something pretty vile and smelly.   He had somehow closed off the entire front living room to make it his “real estate” office and we were asked to not open the one bedroom as his 90 year old mother lived in that room.  We could not get out of there fast enough!

House number two we went had never been cleaned…ever! How in the world do real estate agents not have that conversation with the sellers in regard to a basic home cleaning before your home hits the market?

 What is even more stunning is the For Sale By Owners who take photos of their home and throw them up on a 3rd party site with crap all over the counters, dogs in the photos and unmade beds. 

Ah but it gets better and my personal favorite is the last house we went to visit…should have been clued in when we heard the home sellers yelling and screaming from inside the house. Owner let us in…oh joy…we were in the middle of “Divorce Wars” the series.

Now let me tell you this much…besides the fact they were screaming their heads off at each other…they were also sharing a ton of information about their personal situation like…a bankruptcy for one and a few other juicy tidbits we could have used during a negotiation had my buyer’s liked the property. We scurried out of there as quickly as possible to avoid any ricocheting glassware.

Oh and my personal favorite is the lingering/stalking home seller who refuses to step outside and let buyer’s have some privacy! Why oh why do you seller’s do this…it is creepy! Like going to Macy’s and having the sales person hit you up the moment you walk into their department and describe each new item they have just gotten in! I love that…said no one ever!

Sooo please…if you are trying to sell your home and you want top dollar and you want to get it sold fast here you go…thank me later!

10 Things You To Avoid When Selling Your Home


  1. Food smells 
  2. Pet dander, pet odor or pet food out
  3. Having a dirty house
  4. Clutter everywhere
  5. Weird or offensive art or photos
  6. Do not follow buyers around
  7. Leaving financial statements out
  8. Sharing you divorce issues with buyers
  9. Keeping the lights off and having blinds and hurricane shutters closed
  10. Old and stained comforter sets! For the “LOVE OF PETE” head to Kmart, Homegoods, Amazon or TJ Maxx and buy decent comforter sets and shams for your beds!!! 


Michele Bee

Buyer and Seller Tips Alway Updated on my Pinterest boards! 

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