Lucky Charms that Help You Sell Your Home! Find out what will bring YOU luck!

Today is all about luck!  Good luck, bad luck, found luck, luck at the end of a rainbow, lucky charms, signs that bring luck…you name it! When it comes to selling a home there are many rituals, superstitions and lengths sellers (and Realtors) will go to get a home sold.

I interviewed Realtors and home sellers this week and they shared what works for them to help bring them buyers… so here are my Five in the Hive tips on luck:


1.  St. Joseph Statue is the #1 response I got when I asked my sellers and other Realtors what brought them luck when selling a property! The Patron Saint of Real Estate buried a variety of ways in in a variety of locations, this $10.00 statue seems to be the most popular method to bring luck to a home seller and a listing. A prayer is said upon burying St. Joseph and once the home sells it is dug up and cleaned up and put in a special place to be honored inside your new home.

2.  Smudging your home with sage…yup…smudging is an age-old method where you walk around your home saying an Indian prayer and keeping one window open to let bad vibes, negative energy and old arguments fly out the window thus clearing the house of all that old crap and opening your home up to good energy, vibes and a contract on your home.

3. Is Feng Shui your lucky charm? Buyers like the feeling of balance and calm when they look at homes and Feng Shui is a great way to open up energy and bring a little luck to your home showings. Clearing clutter and having 7 lemons in a bowl for luck to clear out negative juju are popular techniques to help bring you luck in selling your home.

4. Maybe Psychic assistance is the route for you to find luck! According to an article written by Lew Sichelman “sticky emotions and anti-sale energy” can hamper you selling your home. But no worries, just hire your local psychic or witch to cast a spell on your home to help it sell fast and for a great price!

5. Old school but still considered a lucky charm for many is simply baking a tray of chocolate chip cookies. The aroma might entice a buyer to fall in love with your home…hold on though…what if someone doesn’t like the sweet smell of baked goods? Plan Bee (and my preferred method) is build on the lifestyle you are selling, now that will bring you luck baby! Coastal living is my thing personally and my locale so anything that I can use that reminds a buyer of the ocean, the beach and South Florida is my “lucky charm”.  That might be fragrance, bringing some palm fronds into the house and putting in a flower vase, having sea shells out…you get my drift.

I believe we do make our own luck and sometimes we do need to search for luck and pray for luck! One last, but very important piece to this post and a bonus Five in the Hive tip would be, hire a fabulous Realtor with a track record to bring you luck!

Have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Days and may the “luck of the Irish” be with you today and always! Happy home selling!


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