Weathering Life’s Storms ~ Post Hurricane Matthew

Post Hurricane

Post Hurricane Activity

Whenever there is a weather event here in South Florida we take it very seriously! The aftermath of Hurricane Andrew which destroyed Homestead and parts of Miami, what we went through with Wilma and Frances here in South Florida makes you really understand what is important and what isn’t so important. This time around and 10 years older and more aware made me think about a few things in regard to our personal home, second home and personal property.

  1. Homeowners Insurance – I double checked the passwords and made sure that I had the phone number for the company that holds our insurance.  This is a great time to do an insurance review with your agents and make sure…double make sure that you have certain coverages. I was caught with my pants down when I found out that 8 years ago a mold rider was not on my policy when we had a water situation in my home. These are not surprises one wants to find out when you have a mold issue in your home. So check and double check your policies and deductibles and shop around too.
  2. De-clutter – Luckily we have bulk day every Monday here in Boca Raton. I have already been getting rid of, donating, selling things that I truly do not use anymore. One look at my backyard last week and I was like OMG why do I have all this crap! Things I had collected that, here in SoFla look so beachy and cute are just items that will fly into my windows with one good tropical storm so out it goes…the good news…we have people drive through on Mondays and half that crap is gone by the time garbage comes to collect…SCORE for everyone!
  3. Water- No matter what… I really need to keep more water stocked…thinking I might just get 3-4 cases and leave in my warehouse.
  4. Business Interruption – As a Realtor and entrepreneur one of my top concerns is also what happens if we cannot sell property after the storm. For a few days before a storm nobody is interested in looking at property or making offers and of course, then you have some sort of clean up and decompression time. Not to mention the “cone” and “box” and that insurance companies won’t bind insurance with an active storm floating around out there in the Atlantic. So…what’s next?
  5. Funnels and Back-Up Plans –
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