What If My Dogs Were Realtors?!

I wrote this a few years ago…since then 2 of my dogs have passed away…my Buff (2015) and my Bimini (2012) but we do have a new addition and he is a fabulous yellow lab named Brody…I think he would not be a great Realtor, too high strung and impatient… however he is a great assistant, listener, stylist and has good energy and thus would be a good fit for our team LOL.  So…here you go with a few updates!


Brody last summer … full puppy mode:)

As many of my social networking friends know I have 3, yes count ’em 3 dogs.  As a big “rescue” advocate I have 2 from our local shelter and one that is my foster dog.  I am watching them play at the end of the day and of course this bizarre thought popped into my head…”If My dogs were Realtors…what would they sell? So here we go…

Jimmy Buffett-my yellow lab (known as Buff or Buffman) being the laid back big pup that he is would  sell beach houses …he loves the water, he likes getting messy and he wants to just fling his blond body anywhere he can. He is happy doing a few decent deals a year, having a big bone and a few “tasty” waves to share with his clients!

Bimini-my Sheba/Husky Mix, who is very beautiful, snobby and cat like would sell penthouses and big mansions…that is it…take it or leave it she would say to her buyers…I have more where you came from! Million Dollar Listing Miami would have nothing on her!

Bella-my mini Schnauzer would be selling duplexes and condos on South Beach as she moves fast, likes change and is very colorful to say the least! I see her whizzing her clients around in her red sports car and writing contracts fast and furiously! PS…she only works with cash buyers from Europe and South America!

I keep thinking about Dr. Suess and Go Dogs Go…”Do you like my hat” “I do not like you hat”…”Good-bye” “Good-bye”! All those dogs running around in cars and having fabulous social lives like us humans. I just love that book!

If dogs were Realtors there would be more loyalty and less back stabbing!

My dogs would be great team members…diverse, dependable and full of enthusiasm for each and everyday!

So next time you have a bad day…think about your dog or cat as a Realtor…it will put a smile on your face because lets face it…our animals are truly a reflection of who “we” are…I just happen to have 3 and I think I have a little bit of each of them in me!

Michele Bee

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