5 Easy Tips To Downsizing Your Home!

Time to Move from Your Boca Raton or Delray Beach Home?

Thinking of downsizing? Moving is never easy and if it is time to  downsize and move to a smaller condo or perhaps independent or assisted living I know it is overwhelming, stressful, emotional, time sucking and just frankly a big drag in things we have to do in life and today I included 5 easy tips to downsizing your loved one. The good news is that there are professionals out there that can help you coordinate all the “moving” pieces to your clean out, downsize and actual move. 

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I am a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, National Care Planning Council and have Senior Real Estate Specialist designation I can assure you there are individuals and companies that can help you and the senior adult in your family relocate in a smooth and fairly stress-free manner.

Many of my clients are caregivers to their parents and are tired, worried and anxious. I go over how you plan to get the property emptied, how do want items shipped to you, what are you wanting to keep or move to the senior’s new home, and we go from there to make it a smooth transition. There are always many questions and all of them have an answer believe it or not.

5 Tips to Downsizing

  1. Create a Plan that fits your lifestyle and needs an interview and visit a number of communities in South Florida.
  2. Communicate with your friends and family what you are doing and on your terms, this is your deal.
  3. Surround yourself with highly qualified professionals ie. your team – Realtor, move manager, attorney, financial planner, estate liquidator etc to help you make a smooth move.
  4. Have a game plan for dealing with a lifetime worth of possessions…Make 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Trash and then box and bag it all up. 
  5. Celebrate your new lifestyle with old and new friends, get involved in your new community, take advantage of all the programs and eat in the dining room!

As a Realtor with three designations working with baby boomers, seniors downsizing and probate properties I am involved with many senior organizations, the Boca Walk to End Alzheimers and Hospice by the Sea.

I  have a list of ready-to-use resources at my fingertips, that may assist in 55+ real estate transactions and downsizing situations. You are not on an island believe it or not. Reach out to professionals like myself that can come up with a game plan with you and for your senior. You can visit us at www.moveyourparent.com for more information or contact me here.

Seniors Downsizing

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