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I Was Too…So I Did and So Can You!


30 Minute List With A Twist Niche Strategy Sesh



Yes, you can! You can make a shift and move into the listing side of real estate with some guidance and strategies. We come up with a strategic plan that works for your lifestyle (not someone else’s) that you can start to execute over 30-60 days. (E-book is not included)








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 25 Instagram Tips for Your Business


Bonus: Why Niches in Your Business Can Potentially Double Your Income!

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Riches in Real Estate Niches


Probate Real Estate Professional (P.R.E.P.) E-Course

Pillars to Profits in Probate & Untapped Real Estate Niches E-Course


There are “Riches in Niches” and probate properties is a very untapped one along with a few others that I have identified in the last several year. Now before you keep reading one of the things I like about the niches I work in I help people turn a corner with having to sell property. Not closure, but ease around the bend.


Did you know there are over 1.5 million potential probate listing opportunities every year in the United States alone! In many cases, the executor or personal representative doesn’t want or cannot afford to hold onto the property. My goal is to be a resource at all levels during the process of having to sell the property. If this is something that peaks your interest then keep reading.


Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level and truly live the “list to last” lifestyle you know you deserve?  Being a burnt out real estate agent isn’t good for any client. If that last buyer deal had you ready to quit the business or you are tired of buyer deals that fall apart or sick of paying for leads or annoyed at being asked to do some old school crap that doesn’t work in today’s market then this is an introduction to becoming the “go to” real estate agent in your area when a seller or an attorney or other trusted advisor needs a real estate professional that specializes in listing niches.


1/2 Day Quick Start Training to Jump Start Your Listing Funnel



Course includes spreadsheets, scripts, networking training on how to work with attorneys and trusted advisors, branding and marketing yourself as the expert in at least 2 niches, social media marketing and additional add-on services you can provide to a seller to help close the transaction. 




2 Hour Zoom/Webinar Training with Q & A

2 – 30 Minute Zoom Call Follow Up Sessions



How Realtors Can Increase and Engage Followers To Sell More Property with Instagram


Instagram is a match made in heaven for real estate agents and real estate professionals.

This step by step guide gives you the tools you need to set up, leverage and exclusively market your business using Instagram!

Set yourself apart from other agents in your community!

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We Buzz About Your Biz

Stay accountable to yourself and the knowledge you have gained to execute your niche or niches and plan your business and time so you don’t fall behind and then “forgettaboutit”.

  • Raise Your GCI
  • Increase Your Listing Inventory
  • Work Smarter, Enjoy Your Life!

This is YOUR time to mastermind your new real estate direction working in the shortest time frame possible. I am a no fluff nudger that will keep you motivated and accountable and educate you with ninja tips in a manner that doesn’t break your bank…cuz ain’t got no time for that!


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