Meet Michele



I had been a First Time Home Buyer specialist (niche) and I remember the final straw for me (you know yours I am sure)…standing in department store, out of town and having a buyer I had worked with for a 6 weeks tell me were going to purchase with a developer…without me. I was crushed. As a mom and wife the panic I felt was horrendous….I felt like a failure….what to do, what to do…It was time to make a change and fix “my” real estate problem. Sooo fix it I did and here is how I did it!


Niches are my thing…I happen to enjoy them and know how to drill down into them… so why not do the same thing as a listing agent. And not the typical niches like “waterfront expert” or “golf specialist” but really work with niches that were out of the box and untapped. Who needs to compete with every other agent…that is exactly what contributes to burn out!


And that my friends, is exactly what I did! I became a bit of a “Niche Witch”… And you can too…With the right “buzz” and professionals in your “hive” and with proper guidance, mentoring, positive reinforcement and enthusiasm… you can get the career you love and”bee” financially successful.


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Tell me why I should work with you?


I offer a solid system that you can actually do without a big team. I teach exactly what I know and what I did to reinvent my business in 2012. My 30 day “Listing With a Twist: Find Your Real Estate Niche” real estate listing system will have you buzzing with excitement and energy and I believe not only loving your real estate career again and prospering from it!


What makes you different?


I learned this particular niches (and others) from the ground up. I had a 15-year career working with market niches and segments in pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. I walk the walk and talk the talk…not the other way around. I survived and have thrived since the housing crash.  I’ve started over and some of you are ready to do the same. Let’s do it!